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Nombre de messages : 633
Date d'inscription : 16/10/2005

MessageSujet: ATTENTION NOUVEAU KEYLOGGER   Jeu 21 Déc - 9:40

Account Security Warning: Addon Websites infected with keyloggers

Numerous threads have been popping up over the last couple of days about keyloggers embeded in Add-ons on and, lots of players got their account stolen. They have been detected in Addons and other parts of those two websites, according to users's testimony on boards.

For players who dont know, what's a keylogger and how dangerous it is for your WoW account, I will do a quick decription:
- Keyloggers record what you fill in at your account name and password and then send those data to the maker of the script. Therefore you will lose your account, since somebody else know your account and password information.

How to check if you are infected:

- If you have a file named ntldr.exe (EXE, not dll, the dll is used by your OS to boot your computer). That file is the keylogger and you should remove it asap.

How to protect yourself:

- Dont use Internet Explorer (It hasnt been confirmed that IE 7.0 was safe yet), instead download and start using Mozilla Firefox.
*Fore more security, since WoW targeted keyloggers use java in their process to infect you, you can block or allow java-script with the no-script add-on for firefox, It disables java on default and let you enable it on choice (for trusted websites).*


- At this time, there is a keylogger embedded into the homepage. The keylogger itself is in an iframe embedded from hxxp:// (do not visit!).

- The curse-gaming keylogger is on If you go to their beta patch notes page from their site, everything's clean, but if you go to the one listed above, it's got the keylogger on it. (Source)

Source, testimony and more detailed infos:

- WorldofRaids:
- Blizzard forums:
- IGN:
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Nombre de messages : 171
Date d'inscription : 26/09/2006

MessageSujet: Re: ATTENTION NOUVEAU KEYLOGGER   Jeu 28 Déc - 2:33

Toujours bon à savoir, merci le track !

Edit : "asap" = As Soon As Possible
en gros = dès maintenant !

Edit2 : Mozilla :
merci Meule
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